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“Our clinic is able to draw on outstanding expertise and extensive experience with the most demanding surgical interventions, including the use of joint prostheses and minimally invasive operations. At the same time, we attach great importance to follow-up care and conservative therapies. Our specialisation in the upper extremities assigns us a place among the international elite.”

Dr Marcus R. Raum
Head of the Centre for Orthopaedics and Surgery on the Rhine (OCZ am Rhein)

„Unsere Klinik verfügt über herausragende Expertise und große Erfahrung bei anspruchsvollen operativen Eingriffen wie dem Einsatz von Gelenkprothesen und minimalinvasiven Operationen. Zugleich legen wir großen Wert auf Nachsorge und konservative Therapien. In der Unfall- und Sportmedizin setzen wir eine frühfunktionelle Mobilisationfrühe.“

Dr. med. Marcus R. Raum
Leiter des Orthopädisch-Chirurgischen Zentrums am Rhein


Arthroscopy (‘keyhole surgery’) is a fundamental component of modern joint surgery. It prevents major procedures, because the surgical instruments can be guided to the joint via probes. At the OCZ, we carry out arthroscopies on all the major joints. In the region of the upper extremities in particular, this is one of the key focuses of our treatment. Aside from joints frequently subjected to arthroscopy, such as shoulders, hips and knees, we also perform treatments on the ankle joint and elbow. Dr Raum is a proven specialist in treatment of the upper extremities.


Shoulder arthroscopy addresses the various pathologies and injuries of the shoulder joint. These include:

  • Shoulder impingement syndrome
  • Acromioclavicular joint injuries and arthroses
  • Shoulder dislocation (luxation)
  • Tendonitis and tendon injuries (rotator cuff injuries)

In these cases, we employ all modern treatment methods to guarantee the preservation and recovery of the shoulder joint.


Elbow arthroscopy is a surgical technique carried out in only a few centres. It is used in particular to successfully treat cartilage injuries, joint stiffness and loose joint bodies.


Knee arthroscopy is one of the most frequently performed arthroscopic operations. At the OCZ, we treat diseases and injuries such as the following:

  • Meniscus tears
  • Cartilage damage
  • Cruciate ligament tears

Ankle joint

Like elbow arthroscopy, ankle joint arthroscopy is only performed in a few centres. In this case, it is cartilage damage and joint stiffness in particular that are treated surgically.

Trauma surgery

Surgical trauma treatment is a speciality at the OCZ. As a former emergency doctor and chief physician of the trauma surgery department of a hospital, Dr Raum is an proven expert in trauma surgery. He not only performs surgical and conservative treatments, but his early functional approach also ensures that patients start using their bodies again quickly, supporting natural healing processes.

Thanks to Dr Raum’s 20+ years of experience in the field of bone and joint surgery, even acute injuries and bone fractures receive swift, reliable professional care at the OCZ, with the most up-to-date osteosynthesis procedures used. On top of this, with us there are no waiting periods.

For Dr Raum, it’s important to speed up healing as much as possible – for instance, by using an operation in combination with plasma therapy. In addition, patients are already involved in physiotherapy in the early stages of the healing process. The aim is to get the body moving promptly while safely preventing degenerative symptoms. The range and quality of our traumatological treatments is extraordinary, and very rarely found outside specialist or university clinics. As part of accident surgery, chronic bone infections (osteomyelitis) are also treated competently.


In the case of advanced, severe arthroses, it may be necessary to implant a joint replacement. At the OCZ, we perform replacements for knee and shoulder joints. If only part of the knee joint is worn, we offer the option to use partial knee replacement to preserve mobility better and reduce treatment time. Particularly with younger patients, this results in being able to take part in sports in more quickly.

A high level of expertise is found particularly in the field of shoulder joint replacements at the OCZ, which means that we can also carry out replacement operations or treat complex shoulder problems, for example through the use of modern shoulder prostheses with a high level of functionality, along with inverse and anatomical prostheses.

We specialise in modular, shaft-free, minimally invasive prostheses, which are highly effective where access is limited.

Arthrosis treatment

Arthrosis refers to the wearing of joints, accompanied by gradual loss of the joint cartilage. Reactions on bones, such as thickening, cysts or bony formations at the edges of the joints (osteophytes) then impair the mobility of the joints.

This results in joint pain and a reduction in the joint’s mobility. Besides the wear and tear brought on by age, other causes for the formation of an arthrosis may be present, such as malalignment of the leg axis, rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid arthritics), metabolic diseases (gout) or delayed effects of joint injuries.

Before surgical therapy becomes necessary, various conservative, i.e. non-surgical, treatments are possible and reasonable. These include implants, antiphlogistics or a course of physiotherapy. Plasma therapies are a key specialist competency of the OCZ, and we carry them out with or without hyaluron.

Forefoot surgery

Forefoot problems are extremely widespread. Massive problems can arise even during adolescence, particularly in the area round the big toe, which can lead to stiffness or the formation of bunions. The most common causes include lack of movement and unsuitable footwear, but weakness of the connective tissue and hereditary factors also play a role. Early interventions using insoles can often be carried out, particularly in young people. But, as the problems increase, often there is nothing left but to operate.

Hallux valgus (bunions)

External influences have a decisive impact on the formation of bunions. Integrated exercises and insoles have preventative effects in daily life. Conservative measures can be very successful in this case. If severe psychological stress and chronic pain occurs, however, surgical treatment makes sense.

Hallux rigidus (arthritis of the big toe)

In this case, the metatarsophalangeal joint has suffered wear and tear as a result of arthrosis. In the early stages, symptomatic anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving therapy, and a frontal rolling aid accompanied by partial sole reinforcements, are effective. If more intense pain develops, and conservative therapy has reached its limits, various surgical measures can be considered.

Other disorders

Misalignments in smaller toes – the hammer toe, claw toe and mallet toe – are mainly treated conservatively. Surgical procedures are only indicated if cases become severe. Pain therapy for the metatarsal bones (metatarsalgia) depends on the cause of the pain. In the case of nerve pain, injections containing a mixture of cortisone and local anaesthetic can be effective. If conservative measures are unsuccessful, and pain which impairs the quality of life persists, then here too surgical measures may be needed.

“With us you receive personal, one-to-one support and top-quality medical treatment in a trusting environment. Your well-being, your needs and your expectations are what count for us. Our primary objective is your mobility and well-being.”

Dr Marcus R. Raum
Head of the Centre for Orthopaedics and Surgery on the Rhine (OCZ am Rhein)

Pain therapy for spinal disease

Back pain is the most common diagnosis in the orthopaedic practice. And the causes of it can be just as diverse as the symptom itself is common. At the OCZ, you receive an individual diagnosis and therapy. The therapeutic measures include all the conservative options, such as:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Injection treatment
  • Osteopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Nerve root blocks
  • Periradicular therapy (PRT)

The good news is that spinal disc and spinal diseases can almost always be treated conservatively. The art lies in investigating all the options indicated by the particular case. In some cases, plasma therapy is also helpful. In the final analysis, we almost always prevent an operation.

General surgery and post-operative care

The OCZ offers post-operative care of a remarkably high standard that is very rarely found outside specialist clinics. We handle follow-up treatment of surgical wounds after operations, including with major interventions in the chest or abdomen, and support the healing process with great care.

Complex or chronic wounds generally involve a lot of time and money which doctors often shy away from. With us, you receive a lot of attention and the necessary expertise. Our treatment specialisations also include wound healing disorders.

In complicated cases, we consult with a wound healing manager. And if it becomes difficult to move on your own, you are welcome to stay as a guest on our ward. We are also happy to make visits to an accommodation appropriate to your status.

Osteoporosis treatment

Osteoporosis affects people more and more frequently as they grow older. In particular, women are often affected during and after menopause. Medication, lifestyle, weight and hereditary disposition can exacerbate the condition. Where bone density decreases, greater susceptibility to bone fractures poses a serious risk in everyday life. In the worst-case scenario, reduced movement and a fear of falling over mutually reinforce one another.

At the OCZ, we carry out treatment in compliance with the guidelines set out in the specifications of the German Society for Osteoporosis. A bone density measurement is mandatory, and we accompany it with a risk factor check. The aim is the targeted prevention of deterioration and gentle treatment of existing damage, such as fatigue fractures, with precisely dosed injections of stabilising material.

Bone balance can be improved through the targeted administration of medication. Suppressing accompanying pains is important to us in order to provide you with a significantly higher quality of life.

Getting in touch

We devote a lot of time to you to get a thorough anamnesis and make an informed diagnosis. We carry out treatments without any waiting period. We will be more than happy to organise your journey here and a comfortable place to stay, because we don’t just regard you as a patient, but also as our guest. Arrange an initial meeting with us here – by video call if you wish. We look forward to seeing you!

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